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Chauvet low fogger hire

Chauvet Cloud 9 Low Fogger Hire

  • Brand: Chauvet

  • Product Code: Cloud9

  • Pricing/Stock: 1 Units In Stock

Prices displayed excluding VAT:

  • £105

The Chauvet Cloud 9 Low fog machine is an impressive, low-lying fogger that creates thick, cloud-like effects with a high-impact output ideal for use on large-scale stages, theatres and live performances. The unit has a best in class heat-up time of 4 minutes and no dry ice or CO2 is needed. This means that no special licensing/training is required. Because it works without a special coolant or compressor, you only need water and fog fluid for continuous output. The powerful unit weighs in at 121 lbs. However it is  equipped with several handy transport features: a road case housing, metal handles and wheels to easily glide across any stage. Control it on the LCD display or via DMX.

Our Chauvet Cloud 9’s require buying  a full bottle of Chauvet Heavy Fog Fluid £35 and a bottle of distilled water £22. Both the Cloud 9’ full 3.5l fluid tank and its 20l water tank will last approximately 2 hours at maximum output. Please let us know if you require additional fluid.

Call us today to hire 01243 284000

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