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Laser Light shows

Laser shows are extraordinary events that captivate audiences on an emotional level. With laser beams spanning the entire area, attendees feel immersed in the spectacle, as if they're part of the show itself, seamlessly integrated into the scenario.

To deliver exceptional laser shows of the highest caliber, Showmen boasts its own Laser Show Team and collaborates with seasoned partners who utilize cutting-edge Laserworld, tarm, or RTI equipment.

Explore our laser show options:

  • Custom laser show design and implementation starting from £8000.

  • Pre-built 15-minute laser show packages, each including:

    • 2 RTI 55w Lasers

    • 4 Ayrton Domino Moving Heads

    • 2 High-Power Hazers

    • Meyer audio system for audiences of up to 2000 people.

Choose from a variety of themed laser shows, such as:

  • Pop Music Laser Show

  • Movie Theme Laser Show

  • Disney Laser Show

  • Halloween Laser Show

  • Christmas Laser Show

Each of the aforementioned shows is available for £3500 + VAT. Contact us today to elevate your event with mesmerizing laser entertainment!


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