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water show.

Dancing Fountains

Dance fountains, also referred to as musical fountains, are renowned for their beauty, elegance, and versatility in design. Water jets synchronize with music, pulsating and swirling to create the illusion of dancing. Our system is entirely mobile and modular, allowing us to offer fountains in various shapes and sizes to optimize available space.

These dynamic water fountains can function as both decorative accents and entertainment features. They can be installed in existing bodies of water like lakes, ponds, or rivers, or a dedicated tank can be constructed. Installations are available for single-day events or long-term setups.

Additionally, our offerings can be complemented with other products to create captivating shows, including pyrotechnics, flame jets, fireworks, lighting, and audio.

Contact us for pricing and further details.


Seeking a distinctive experience? Our product allows you to project images or videos directly onto a water-based projection screen. What sets this innovative product apart is its ability to create an instant screen, unlike traditional screens that are visible or require lowering from a ceiling. With a maximum size of 15m high by 40m wide, the water projection screen offers a unique and captivating visual experience.

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water fountain show.
30x10m water screen fountain
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