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Titan Beam T3 IP65 Moving Head Hire

  • Brand: Elumin8

  • Product Code: T3BEAM

  • Pricing/Stock: 16 Units In Stock

Prices displayed excluding VAT:

  • £60

Osram® SIRIUS HRI 370W LL discharge lamp (7800K)
Beam angle: 2.5°
200,000 Lux @ 10m
Motorised focus
CRI: 70
8 facet circular rotating indexable prism plus 6 facet linear rotating indexable prism
Frost filter
Gobo wheel: 11 rotating, indexable, replaceable gobos + open
Colour wheel: 12 colours + CTO filter + CTB filter + open
Control protocols: DMX
DMX channels: 16 or 18 selectable
Wireless control using CRMX TiMo wireless DMX by LumenRadio
Manual control
RDM (Remote Device Management)
Pan/tilt auto correction
16-Bit pan/tilt positioning
Pan: 540° or 630° selectable, Tilt: 270°
0 100% dimming
Variable strobe
Supplied with quick release omega clamps
4 button menu with 2” LCD display
PowerCON TRUE1 and IP rated 5-Pin XLR inputs/outputs
Fan cooled

Titan Beam T3 is an IP65 rated fixture with a robust housing specifically designed for wet, dusty and sandy conditions. Designed for festival stages, large concerts and high-capacity venues the fixture generates an incredibly sharp beam of light that makes it perfect for mid-air effects. Illumination is provided by an Osram® SIRIUS HRI 370W discharge lamp and precision optics. Two multi-faceted rotating prisms (one 6-facet linear and one 8-facet circular) can be used individually or combined to create visual effects that cover large areas. A frost filter, motorised focus, 0-100% dimming, variable speed strobing and 16-bit pan/tilt motor control adds to the fixtures creative features.

The Osram lamp has a CRI of 70 and a colour temperature of 7800K but due to the colour wheel featuring CTO and CTB filters, temperatures of 3200K and 5600K can also be produced. The wheel is also loaded with 12 vibrant colours plus open, that can be combined with the gobo wheel to create a wide variety of effects. Gobo wheel features eleven glass indexable, replaceable, rotating gobos plus open. A large colour LCD display allows for easy mode selection, however it is also compatible with the RDM protocol so can also be addressed remotely. A choice of two DMX modes mean that the unit can be controlled by either 16 or 18 channels and it is fitted with 5-pin DMX input and output sockets. DMX operation can also be controlled via the on-board Lumen Radio/W-DMX transceiver.

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