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MagicFX Sparxtar Spark Machine Hire

  • Brand: MagicFX

  • Product Code: Sparxtar

  • Pricing/Stock: 4 Units In Stock

Prices displayed excluding VAT:

  • £125

The SparXtar uses Spark Granules to produce the gerb or fountain type effect. The SparXtar powder comes in 100g packets. The machine can hold enough powder to run for 10 minutes and only uses 10g per minute without the need of a card system to bank time onto the machines like other systems.

The SparXtar is DMX controlled Adjustable height (2-5 m), has Sparxtar flash option is tiltable from -45 up to +45 degrees and has capacity for 10 minutes of full effect.

Adjustable spark height 2-5 m
Fast responding, spark flash effect possible
Tilt detection (tiltable angle up to 45 degrees)
DMX enable channel, FX warning LED
Low noise
Capacity for 10 minutes of full effect
Controlled via DMX
Up to 10 minutes full effect.


Requires MagicFX Spark Granules £28




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