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Meyer Sound Galileo 616 Hire

  • Brand: Meyer Sound

  • Product Code: Meyer-Galileo-616

  • Pricing/Stock: 6 Units In Stock

Prices displayed excluding VAT:

  • £99.00

Features & Benefits

- Six inputs (analog, AES/EBU, or mixed) and 16 analog outputs with full matrix mixing and routing for driving systems of any size

- Robust +26 dBu outputs easily drive Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeaker systems over long cable runs

- A/D/A conversion with 24-bit resolution at 96 kHz; digital inputs converted to 96 kHz sample rate

- Monolithic 1 GHz vector DSP architecture

- Internal processing performed at 96 kHz, 32-bit floating point resolution with fixed latency across all output channels

- Array correction for M Series line array loudspeakers

- Atmospheric correction filters

- Patented TruShaping equalization and parametric filtering yield corrections with minimal impact on phase response

- Low- and high-pass filters

- Up to 2 seconds of delay on inputs and outputs

- Configuration presets for Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems

- Ethernet connection for remote control from Mac and Windows-based computers running the Compass control software

-Front-panel operation for standalone control

- Full bidirectional communication with computer ensures parameter settings are always in sync

- Direct connection to Meyer Sound’s SIM 3 audio analyzer

The Galileo loudspeaker management system is an elegant hardware and software solution for driving and aligning multi-zone loud-speaker systems. The 2-space, rack-mount Galileo 616 includes six inputs, 16 outputs, and a fully digital matrix processor. The Compass control software provides comprehensive control of all parameters from a Mac or Windows-based computer. The Galileo 616 is also fully programmable from its front panel for maximum flexibility. 

Designed as the perfect complement to Meyer Sound’s self-powered loudspeakers, the Galileo loudspeaker management system includes array correction for M Series array
loudspeakers, atmospheric correction filters, low- and high-pass filters for subwoofer control, and configuration presets for Meyer Sound loudspeaker systems of various types and sizes. 

The Galileo 616 offers an extensive equalization architecture that includes complementary phase parametric filtering and TruShaping low-order equalization on both inputs and outputs. 31-band graphic equalization is also available on inputs. 

Equalization parameters are easily edited in the Compass control software, with numeric entry or by graphically dragging frequency bands. Parameters can be adjusted while viewing multiple layers of equalization in a composite graphic plot to achieve the ideal equalization curve. The Compass software’s intuitive user interface is the culmination of Meyer Sound’s extensive experience optimizing complex loudspeaker systems. 

The Galileo 616 features full digital operation with fixed latency across all output channels regardless of any applied processing. It can also be connected directly to the SIM 3 audio analyzer, providing complete measurement and control for integrated audio systems.

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