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Meyer Sound Melodie Hire

  • Brand: Meyer Sound

  • Product Code: Meyer-melodie

  • Pricing/Stock: 60 Units In Stock

Prices displayed excluding VAT:

  • £66


  • • Corporate AV

  • • Theatres

  • • Nightclubs

  • • Ballrooms

  • • Main, Downfill or sidefill

  • • Frontfill

  • • Under-balcony coverage

  • Features

  • • Exceptional power-to-size ratio

  • • Wide and even horizontal coverage pattern

  • • Very small footprint keeps a low profile appearance

  • • Seamless integration with MICA

  • • QuickFly rigging with captive GuideALinks simplifies use in flown or groundstacked arrays, alone or with 500-HP, 600-HP ,700-HP subwoofers

M'elodie can be used as a main system in small venues in combination with 700-HP subwoofers which enhance the low-frequency response and increase the overall acoustic power of the system in the lowest frequencies. In addition the 700-HP can be used to create cardiod arrays. M'elodie versatility does not stop there, its broad 100-degree horizontal coverage makes it ideal for use in larger venues, too, as it is designed to integrate seamlessly with MICA. M'elodie's QuickFly rigging, which features captive GuideALinks for the maximum in flexibility and safety, make it easy to add as downfill to a MICA array, but individual M'elodie cabinets also work exceptionally well for frontfill or under-balcony coverage. Best of all, M'elodie's small footprint takes up little truck space.

M’elodie is the latest self-powered loudspeaker from Meyer Sound, the company that introduced controller-assisted loudspeakers more than 30 years ago and self-powered sound reinforcement systems over 11 years ago. With an all-new low-frequency driver and amplifier, plus Meyer Sound’s famous complex crossover, driver protection, and frequency and phase correction circuitry, M’elodie provides a reliable, low-distortion solution for a key segment of the sound reinforcement market.

M’elodie’s diminutive size belies a powerful voice: conservatively rated at a maximum peak output of 131 dB SPL, M’elodie is capable of filling rooms much larger than one would expect.

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