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Our pitched roof measuring 10x8m, stands as our prime choice for medium to large-scale festivals and events, serving as an ideal option for second stages or extensive event setups. With multiple stages available, we accommodate touring events, A/B stage arrangements, and various site configurations. This versatile stage can be tailored to your specifications, including the addition of PA wings and screen wings. We also offer top-tier production packages to complement these stages.

Listed below are sample prices for this stage, although each event is individually priced and costs may vary based on location, requirements, and availability. Discounts are not applicable to stage rentals; however, discounted production packages are available to accompany them.

  • 10x8m Prolyte Arch Roof Stage hire:

    • Includes Prolyte Roof, Litedeck Stage Floor, Set of Treads, and rear/side walls.

    • Total Floor/Deck Space: 9.5m x 7.5m

    • 1 Day: £3400 + VAT

    • Additional Days: £1200 + VAT

    • Includes Build, Delivery, and Collection within a 100-mile round trip. Please note that this price is based on a suitable minimum production spend; stage-only hires will incur a surcharge.

  • 10m Wide by 8m Deep Fixed Structure

  • Internal Litedeck Stage Platform: 1.2m High

  • Performance Space: 9.5m Wide by 7.5m Deep (32’x24’)

  • Suitable for Audiences of up to 15000 People

  • Fully Equipped Stage Package Available with Industry-Leading Equipment & PA Towers.

We offer various options, including customizations to suit your needs. PA Wings Truss, Small FOH Tent, Sound Systems tailored to audience size, Lighting Packages, LED Video Screens, Fire Protection Packages, and more are available.

For further details or to view our complete hire catalogue, please visit our website or contact us directly at 01243 284000.

10x8mStage Roof and Stage

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