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The MagicQ MQ500 Stadium is designed to operate at the highest level of show control, supporting up to 200 universes (licensed above 64) direct from the console without the need for external processing. MagicQ MQ500 Stadium is designed for high performance and complex shows. Its features allow shows to be designed from concept to reality, including lighting, media, and LEDs.

MQ500 Stadium features dual HD resolution multi touch 15” displays with adjustable viewing angle and multi touch gesture support. It has the largest number of playbacks in the ChamSys family, with 42 playbacks made up of both fader and executor playbacks for live busking. This includes 15 full faders, 15 executable playbacks, and a dedicated section of 12 multipurpose Macro/Execute/Playbacks/Palette keys. For additional control connect a MagicQ Stadium Wing and get even more playbacks and another touchscreen display as well.

The MQ500 Stadium has inbuilt MagicVis 3D visualiser with high quality beam and gobo rendering. This means you can preprogram a new song or create new effects offline, and save time onsite.

The MQ500 Stadium has 4 built-in DMX ports and inbuilt 4 port ethernet switch.

This versatile console also includes an intensity wheel and 100mm split crossfaders for theatre control.

Cham Sys MQ500 Lighting controller

  • Product Features

    • Dual Inbuilt 15" displays

    • Full HD 1920x1080 resolution

    • Adjustable display viewing angle

    • Multi touch with gesture support

    • 64 universes direct from the console

    • Inbuilt MagicVis Visualiser with full rendering of beams and gobos

    • Inbuilt MagicHD Media Player for pixel mapping onto 200 universes

    • Playback section with 30 Playbacks (15 full fader, 15 flash)

    • 12 multi purpose Macro/Executes/Playbacks

    • RGB function indication for every Playback

    • Programming section with Intensity Wheel and 100mm crossfaders for Theatre

    • Dedicated Grand Master fader and DBO button

    • Dedicated Goto, Time, Head, Flip, Pair Buttons

    • Modular design for easier maintenance

    • Comfortable arm rest

    • Adjustable external monitor arm with VESA mount

    • Designed and manufactured in the U

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