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The powerful 9RE Beam allows users to create sharp, well-defined 2.5° beams, powered by an MSD 260R9 (8,000K) discharge lamp. The fixture not only has superb optics and motorised focus, it also features 2 prisms that can be used simultaneously, giving the lighting designer or user a host of options to create stunning light shows. This moving head also features 12 colours (plus 5,600K, 3,200K and open) and 17 fixed gobos (plus open), along with an onboard 6 button menu with 1.8” LCD display, and selectable 16 bit pan and tilt with auto correction. The 9RE Beam boasts all the fundamental features you would expect from Elumen8 making this a truly ‘event ready’ fixture.

Elumen8 9R Beam

    • YODN MSD 260R9 discharge lamp (8,000K)
    • Beam angle: 2.5°
    • 201,000 Lux @ 10m
    • Motorised focus
    • CRI: 75
    • 16 facet circular rotating indexable prism plus 4 facet linear rotating indexable prism
    • Frost filter (21°)
    • Gobo wheel: 17 static gobos + open
    • Colour wheel: 12 colours + 5,600K + 3,200K + open
    • DMX channels: 16 or 18 selectable
    • Manual  mode
    • Pan/tilt transit lock
    • Pan/tilt auto correction
    • 16-Bit pan/tilt positioning
    • Built-in pan/tilt macros
    • Pan: 630°, Tilt: 270°
    • 0-100% dimming and variable strobe
    • Quick release omega clamps included
    • 6 button menu with 1.8” LCD display
    • Display battery backup for offline configuration
    • PowerCON input/output
    • 3-Pin XLR input/output
    • 5-Pin XLR input/output
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