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Raise the roof with Global Truss! The Global Truss aluminium CA-3 truss sleeve is designed to work in conjunction with the aluminium Top Pulley and Steel Ground Support Base to enable the simple lifting of the roof of a stand or cross bar. The CA-3 sleeve block slides over the F34PL truss, with conical points on all 4 sides for use with F34PL, F44 P or F44 standard.  Supplied with 8 pieces of PL half conical, which may be interchanged with Standard half conicals if required. Additional half conicals available separately.

F34 PL CA-3 Ground Support Box Sleeve Aluminium

    • Max load lifted with one side used: 1450kg
    • Max load lifted with 4 sides used: 3360kg
    • Dimensions: 480 x 500 x 500mm
    • Weight: 35.0kg
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