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Main features and specification for Meyer MILO High-Power Curvilinear Array Loudspeaker:

  • easy integration with other Meyer Sound loudspeakers: M3D line array, M3D-Sub directional subwoofer, M2D compact curvilinear array and the CQ-2 full-range narrow coverage loudspeaker
  • when MILO arrays also include M3D-Subs, the combination exhibits dramaticly attenuated off-axis low-frequency response
  • allows system designers to configure arrays that effectively steer bass energy away from areas located behind the arrays, such as the stage and monitor mix position, where minimum levels are desired
  • MILO low/low-mid section comprises two neodymium magnet 12-inch cone drivers with 4-inch voice coils
  • drivers function in a two-way arrangement, with both drivers active below 300 Hz for maximum low frequency impact
  • above 300 Hz, an integral crossover rolls off one driver to maintain optimal polar and frequency response

Meyer MILO is a self-powered, four-way loudspeaker designed for vertical curvilinear arraying. It has ample power reserves (140 dB SPL peak output at 1 meter) for high output level, longer throw applications in large venues, yet its weight and cabinet dimensions allow for its use in more compact spaces.

Use Meyer Sound MILO systems in either flown or ground-stacked configurations.

Captive QuickFly rigging hardware uses rigid AlignaLinks for coupling the units, and allows nine splay angles between 0° and 5°. The rigid connections make for easy adjustment of array tilt, and often eliminate the need for a pullback strap in flown configurations.

An optional MG-3D/M multipurpose grid accommodates a variety of flown or stacked configurations, including multipoint support and bridles.

A single flown array can include up to 24 Meyer MILO loudspeakers, or the equivalent weight of MILOs, M3Ds, M3D-Subs, M2Ds, CQ-2s and rigging hardware. Stacking no more than six cabinets is advised.

With its unique combination of high power and compact size, Meyer Sound MILO can serve as the key component in scalable, building block systems comprising any or all M Series products and certain other Meyer Sound models. Combine MILO with the M3D for very large venue applications, or transition to M2D or CQ-2 loudspeakers for near field coverage where appropriate.

Meyer Milo Large Array Speaker

    • Stackable

    • Flyable using optional rigging kit

    • Extremely low distortion for ultimate low-frequency clarity

    • Very high peak power yields excellent transient reproduction

    • Transportable in blocks using optional heavy duty caster frame

    • Exceptionally reliable and durable

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