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The Spiider LED WashBeam luminaire is indeed an exceptional lighting fixture, boasting cutting-edge technology and a range of impressive features. Here's a breakdown of its key attributes:

  • Superbright LED Configuration: Utilizing 18x 30 Watt LEDs and 1x 60 Watt LED, the Spiider achieves remarkable brightness, making it one of the most powerful LED fixtures available.

  • Versatile Optical System: With a 12:1 zoom optical system, the Spiider offers a wide range of beam options, from a tight 4° beam for hard edge effects to a wide 50° wash for smooth, homogenized coverage.

  • Multi-Functionality: The Spiider combines hard edge in-air effects, punchy beams, and smooth wash lighting, providing users with a versatile tool for creating dynamic lighting designs.

  • Color Flexibility: Featuring 19 powerful RGBW LEDs, the Spiider can produce a wide range of rich colors, allowing for captivating wash light with seamless transitions. The internal 18-bit LED dimming system ensures smooth and precise control over color output.

  • Dynamic Video Effects: The fixture enables the creation of dynamic video effects by mapping individual pixels and can be controlled via DMX desk or media servers using protocols such as sACN with internal HTP merging, DMX, or Kling-Net protocol.

  • Exclusive Flower Effect: The Spiider includes a unique central piece with Robe's exclusive Flower Effect, driven by a 60W RGBW LED multichip. This feature produces innovative sharp multi-colored spikes of light, rotating in both directions at variable speeds, adding a captivating visual element to any show.

In summary, the Spiider LED WashBeam luminaire offers an impressive combination of brightness, versatility, and advanced features, making it a standout choice for lighting designers seeking to push the boundaries of creativity in their productions.

Robe Spiider Hire

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