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M1D-SUB : Ultra-Compact Subwoofer

The M1D-Sub ultra-compact subwoofer complements the M1D ultra-compact curvilinear array loudspeaker by extending bandwidth with its operating frequency range of 32 Hz to 180 Hz and substantially increasing overall system headroom. Because it produces a prodigious peak SPL of 130 dB at 1 meter from a compact cabinet, the M1D-Sub allows system designers to minimize array size while maximizing system response. A variety of QuickFly rigging options allows the M1D-Sub to be flown above, below or within an array, or placed at the base of a ground-stacked array. Although it is intended primarily as a companion subwoofer to the M1D, it is perfectly suited to general use where powerful low frequency augmentation is desired.
M1D-Sub contains two robust 10-inch cone drivers, each featuring a 2-inch voice coil and a lightweight neodymium magnet structure. Power rating per driver is 400 AES watts (see note 5 on back page). A fully integrated and self-powered system, the M1D-Sub also incorporates a two-channel class AB/bridged complementary MOSFET amplifier with 450 watts total burst capability. An Intelligent AC power supply selects the correct operating voltage in the range of 90 to 264 V AC at 50 or 60 Hz, allowing international use without manually setting voltage switches. The Intelligent AC supply also performs protective functions to compensate for hostile conditions on the AC mains. These functions protect both the loudspeaker and electronics from erratic AC conditions and increase the lifespan of the loudspeaker. An ultra-low-noise fan is fitted, but cooling is primarily provided by a massive external extruded aluminum heat sink.
The vented M1D-Sub cabinet is constructed of multi-ply hardwood with a durable finish suited to touring or installed use. A metal grille protects the drivers.
M1D-Sub features Meyer Sound's QuickFly rigging system with rugged, reliable and deceptively simple components. All load stresses are transmitted through the rigging frames and associated hardware, not through the wooden cabinets. The optional QuickFly MG-1D multipurpose grid allows either flying or ground stacking various combinations of M1D and M1D-Sub. Up to 16 M1Ds (or the equivalent weight of M1D and M1D-Sub) with a 7:1 safety factor may be flown, or up to 8 M1Ds or 4 M1D-Subs may be ground stacked. For flying only, the simpler optional MTG-1D will support up to 16 M1Ds (or the equivalent weight of M1D and M1D-Sub) with a 7:1 safety factor.
The M1D-Sub includes Meyer Sound's RMS monitoring system as standard. RMS allows the full range of operating parameters to be monitored in real time, remotely over a network using a Windows computer.

Meyer M1D Compact Subwoofer

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