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Combining the best of both worlds might be the best description of the Showtec Maniac 7. The Showtec Maniac 7 is truly a two-for-one multi-effect. A wash-effect with 7x 7W High Power, pixel controlled RGB LED’s with a 40° beam angle. This offers the possibility of creating your very own show with great colours and an equal spread. But it is also a beam effect with 7x 3W cold white LEDs which generate razor sharp 2° beams. Both effects together in one housing creates an awesome effect. Daisy-chaining units with the DMX-signal into one large presentation is no problem. Power linking up to 8 units at a time is just as easy by using the Power-PRO connector. For mobile party locations, dj’s, pubs and events the ideal effect. Easy to install, equally easy to operate and adding something special to your event.

Showtec Maniac FX7 LED Batten

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