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Live Concert


Doughty Zenith MK3

lighting stand hire

15M Chain Hoist

chain hoist hire

Tank Trap

Tank Trap Hire.webp

Global Truss F34 1m

F34 1m Truss Hire

Global Truss F34 2m

f34 2m truss hire

Global Truss F34 3m

f34 3m truss hire

Global Truss F34 Box Corner

truss hire

Narrow Half Coupler 100KG

half coupler hire

Aluminium Tube 2-3-4m

Tube Hire.

Swivel Coupler 500KG

Swivel Coupler Hire.

600x600 base

truss base plate.

Easy Clamp 100KG

trigger clamp hire.

2x1m Stage Deck

litedeck hire

8x2ft Stage Deck

litedeck hire

8x4ft Stage Deck

stage hire.

Aluminium Tube 3m

scaff bar hire
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